Is Vegas Ready for a $29 Cheeseburger?

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The size is right (12 oz.), the beef nonpareil, the grind perfect and the bun super-squishy — just the way Josh “Hamburger History” Ozersky demands.

All it’s lacking is American cheese — the only appropriate cheese for a burger, according to Josh. (ELV begs to differ; a good cheddar or Swiss can enhance a burger, although blue cheese often obliterates the taste of the meat.)

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Still, the price* is gonna raise a few eyebrows.

Just sayin’….and just askin’…


In Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino

3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Las Vegas, NV 89109



* As Kevin notes in the comments, in NYC, at the Minetta Tavern, the La Frieda “Black Label” burger (made with the same meat) is $26.

8 thoughts on “Is Vegas Ready for a $29 Cheeseburger?

  1. I’ve long wanted to try (and would be willing to pay for) the $26 Black Label burger at Minetta Tavern in NYC. But maybe I’m too…local to want to pay $29 for this burger. Maybe if I was on vacation.

  2. it looks really good. but what makes it 29$ other than our favorite excuse “your on the strip”?

  3. Why does almost everyone insist on putting seeds on the outside of buns? I hate them because they always get caught in my gums. Now I order burgers with 2 bottoms when I have to. :((

  4. I have had the minetta tavern black label burger and it is nothing to write home about, decent burger but not worth anything near 26 or 29 in this case

  5. Looking forward to trying it. Who says a beautifully ground, best quaility steak is worth any less than a slab ? I prefer to eat a high quality burger , and pay for it, over a steak any time. I guess burgers in the old days were made from scraps so its expected it would be cheaper.

  6. The price is not as ugly as the plating. That could be an Applebee’s burger plate from the look of your pics… especially w/ the accompanying giant serving of sour cream and weird hush puppies things? ;)

  7. No way am I paying $29 for a burger unless that includes the two beers I’d order along side of it. I’m fine with the gourmet burger craze, though it’s a bit 2009 at this point, but that price is out of control. On the other side they only need to sell half as many to make their margins…so they have that going for them. Very curious to see if/when they realize that’s just too expensive for a burger and lower the price to a more reasonable figure.

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