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For all who think they could do what ELV does, day in and night out, you need to know: our staff didn’t exactly need or want to go to another steakhouse a couple of weeks ago when we popped into CUT. But duty calls, and Eating Las Vegas hadn’t been in over 6 months, so carnivoric-ly we came to check on 1) the menu (pretty much unchanged (sigh)), 2) Matthew Hurley’s cooking (as spot on as ever), and 3) the pricing of the wine list (as ridiculous as always).

The service was great, both because we are well known here, but also because it’s great in every Wolfgang Puck restaurant. True, they probably bend over backwards a little more for ELV, but as long as you don’t overstep your bounds, expect any reasonable request to be met by these seasoned pros.

FYI: Overpriced wine list or not, CUT continues to exhibit a range of great gastronomy that few steakhouses can touch. From the quality of the beef to the pristine and inventive apps to the richness of something as deceptively simple as the oxtail bouillon (or the poached marrow bones), you’ll have a hard time coming up with a steakhouse that does so many things so well.

And the desserts put forth here: Medjool date cake, tangerine gelato, sticky toffee sauce; salted peanut & chocolate layer cake with caramel peanut ice cream; and apple-stuffed pumpkin doughnuts with maple whipped cream and pumpkin gelato are in a class by themselves compared to other beef emporiums.

All of which are the reasons CUT made it into the Top 10 of Eating Las Vegas.

Our dinner for two came to $256 including one of the few decent red wines on the list for under a hundy.


In The Palazzo Hotel and Casino

3339 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


6 thoughts on “CUT Again

  1. EVL mentioned that the menu was unchanged but their website indicated they have changed the steak varieties they offer from the last time I ate here. I don’t see the A-5 Kobe anymore and now it is Australian Waygu or Kobe style from Snake River. The menu now offers 4 types of Prime from various states and I remember only 3 last time . Has anyone tried these new protein offerings- I assume it is comparable to what was offered before.

  2. The A-5 Japanese Wagyu has been once again banned from the country due to an outbreak of various Diseases that even though 40 years of research have shown not to be harmfull to humans is still under review. It should be back hopefully early 2011

  3. Try the Snake River Angus-Wagyu hybrid.

    Last time we were there they had a small casserole of veal cheeks and tongue cooked with some root vegetables as an off-menu appetizer special. They said they might add it to the menu, but maybe the ingredients were a little too off-putting to their conventioneer clientele. If you’re there this winter and they have it, give it a try.

  4. Great review and photos. I’d agree the appetizers are wonderful at CUT and that is always what I thought set them apart from the other steakhouses. But those desserts look delicious and very appropriate for a great American steakhouse. Goodbye boring cheesecake.

  5. Just celebrated a birthday dinner here and it was just great. Service was absolutely first-rate and my dry-aged Nebraska steak and side of greens were beyond crazy good. Wish the room was a little prettier but that’s a non-issue compared to the quality of the meat and service.

    As a side note I’ll respectfully disagree with Mr. Curtas’ assessment that the service “is great in every Wolfgang Puck restaurant.” It isn’t. Had dinner at Lupo the other night and while the lesser wait staff were hustling like pros, our primary waiter (Scott) pretty much ignored us throughout the meal. With the ridiculously overpriced mediocre italian food there, I’m not going back.

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