Eat This Now – Roasted Beets at PRIME

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Did ELV say “eat beets?”

Are you hearing things?

Doesn’t he avoid beets the way Jodie Foster does love scenes?

The answers are yes, no, and usually.

It’s no secret that beets are our least favorite food….right down there with frozen yogurt and tofurky.

But in the hands of good chefs — like Sean Griffin and Nazario Perales — the humble Beta vulgaris can be anything but a vulgar affront to our taste buds.

In other words, take baby beets (tasting sweeter and less like dirt), roast them, place them atop Greek yogurt with toasted hazelnuts, torn herbs (basil, chervil and mint), accent with espelette pepper and dress with age balsamico and olive oil, and you have a vegetarian starter course fit for a king…or a fussy, beet-hating gourmet.

Savory, sweet, tangy and earthy, it is a kitchen creation totally in balance and totally in harmony in both appearance and taste — something of a stunning achievement in vegetable cookery — in a steakhouse no less!

Best of all, at only $16, it is one of the cheapest things on the Prime menu.


In the Bellagio Hotel and Casino

3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


4 thoughts on “Eat This Now – Roasted Beets at PRIME

  1. Congratulations ! .. when you eat your beets you are a grown up ..
    and to those who do not .. so sad ..
    Remind me to include you as a plus 1 .. when the spousal unit makes his borcht .. it shimmers like jewels .. mmm

  2. I love that salad! It is one of the best things on their menu (although it would be hard to find something on Prine’s menu that isn’t top-notch.)

  3. I haven’t been to Prime in 3 years except for last week and I had a fantastic meal.

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