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Abstain from beans. Abstinto a fabis. Taverner (1539) states: “There be sondry interprecations of this symbole. but Plutarch and Cicer thiynke beanes to be forbydden of Pythagoras, because they be wyndye and do engender impure humours and for cause and provoke bodely lust.” – Latin proverb

There are various types of cabbages, nearly all of the originating in Europe, where they are most widely used. In nearly every French province cabbage is the mainstay of the peasants, who live chiefly on this vegetable, even though it has little nourishment, is windy, and spreads an evil ordour. Cabbage was greatly venerated by the ancients, who swore by it just as the Egyptians rendered divine honours to the onion. – Alexandre Dumas, 1802-1870

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