Bobby Flay Deal of the Week – The Chile Burger at MESA GRILL

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The green chile burger we had yesterday at Mesa Grill was so good it brought tears to our eyes. So did the fries.

Also bringing tears to our eyes was the newest dinner menu item —  chorizo meatballs in a arbol/pasilla/ancho chile sauce — and some cayenne-spiked whipped cream plopped atop a vanilla flan that took no prisoners…and gave a whole new dimension to this silky smooth dessert standard.

Put them together and you have the best meal we’ve had at Mesa in a coon’s age. Instead of the tepid spicing and indifferent cooking (and plating) we’ve seen in the past, these items brought some serious snap to the party.

That’s right food fans…we’re raving about a meal at Mesa Grill.

Alert the media.

Hey! We are the media!

Okay then, alert Bobby Flay.

Our lunch for two — with a 20% tip — came to $85.


In Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino

3570 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109



PS: Major props to Mesa’s crew for being the largest contributor to Three Square last year — raising over $25,000 during Restaurant Week. They’re hoping to top that this week.

14 thoughts on “Bobby Flay Deal of the Week – The Chile Burger at MESA GRILL

  1. John, God bless you son! But come on partner, $85 semoles for lunch is well, not a daily dining mecca! LOL. The problem with all these Strip joints is for the most part you got to have more money than brains to be eatting there on a regualr basis. I confess from time to time I do indulge and spring for a “designer diner” but let’s be real, $85 bucks for a burger, meatballs and flan? Hello McFly, Hello!

  2. artswanson : $45/head is the average rate for a great sit-down lunch in any major city before tip. Its not 1995 anymore, times have changed.

    John: Did you just have something positive to say about Bobby Flay? WTF? Is this a sign of the apocalypse?

  3. Not one but Two, three course meals plus drinks. Expensive for lunch…yes. Expensive for a strip restaurant…not really. Plenty of food as well. That pork Sammy was huge. I also would like to give a shout out to the barkeep who took care of my bottomless soda glass. I needed it after those very spicy, but very delicious, meatballs. Ergo the 20%+ tip.

  4. InTheCards, with respect, as I noted, “more money than Brains” appears to apply to you. We are taking about a “hamburger, meatballs and a custard flan” Yep, I know it aint 1995, in ’95 that would have cost you maybe $15 with tip! LOL. Live it up brother, these Strip joints need guys like you to keep the lights on and the hype rolling. I dont disapprove of anyone spending whatever they feel make em feel great, just dont let the folks think they are getting a great deal or that its suitable for daily dining out! Please InTheCards keep doing what you love to do, the local economy needs it and Bobby Flay certainly could use the positive vibes especially from ELV!

  5. So the question is artswanson: Where is a better deal to receive a 3 course meal with alcohol in a major dining destination like the strip?

  6. Artswan : We are not talking just “hamburger, meatballs and a custard flan”… this was a meal for 2, so assume two of everything. It is really hard to find a comparable restaurant in this city, NYC, or LA which does a proper sit down lunch for 3 courses in the dining room for less than $35 a head (before tip). Milos is $9.88 cheaper but that is universally regarded as the best lunch deal in Vegas at $20.12/head (John’s lunch at Mesa was $30.12 not including beverage, tax or gratuity). Most good restaurants cannot survive on guest checks lower than this, its a simple factor of economics. Higher cost of staff, product & rent… yet its still a deal for a great 3 course meal at $30. You can believe what you want to, but keep in mind that denial is not just a river in Egypt.

  7. I’m with art on this one. Just because the price of lunch is only moderately expensive versus overpriced does not make it a deal. If we are using Milos as the benchmark for best lunch deal on the strip, (my 45 min wait for dessert not withstanding) then a 3 course lunch at a 33% premium does not make it a steal. If one bothered to compare regular menu prices, they’d realize that basically you have to order an appy & a main for lunch to get dessert for an extra $ 3.
    However, after dinner at Emeril’s Fish House at MGM last week I have to say that Flay’s place is the second worst T.V. restaurant on the strip.

  8. Kent and IntheCards, fellows, without belaboring this beyond my point… was that Strip venues are not the best places for daily dining if you are a local who works and/frequents downtown. They cater to shall I respectfully say, those on an expense account, touristas or folks with more money than brains. Dudes, remember we are taking about a “Hamburger, Two Meatballs and some custard” Now where I come from $35 plus tip is up there, but I guess not if your reviewing ajoint for the public as ELV does for our dining and dancing pleasure. For me with a six figure income, its spendy if I were to do this daily. Dining at Bobby Flay for ELV’s $42.50 pp five days aweek is over $10,000 per year pp, just for lunches! I can name a half dozen resturants in the local area that put out a great meal, and dont lighten your wallet for the pleasure of munching on some ground beef. My experience with “designer diners” as I call them with celebrity chefs adds 50% to the cost of any meal. Just saying brothers and sisters, be aware, or be square! Peace out!

  9. Kent…I wanted to mention a couple of very nice places that you can dine “reasonably” on the Strip. These are Wynn properties…all multi-course lunches with non alcholic beverage under $25 including tip. La Cave, Society Cafe and not sure if its still offered by The Country Club resturant… a three course price fix lunch for under $28. There are other places I recently dined which I would refer you to ELV’s Achives or his book. There are some other gems ELV cites worth considering.

  10. You all realize Mesa Grills lunch deal is a moot point after restaurant week, right?

  11. You’re beyond right. In fact it was moot before restaurant week because you can have the same items anytime u like for the same price.

  12. All I know of Bobby Flay is that his incendiary pineapple flayed my tongue at last year’s Uncork’d Grand Tasting. Anyone who inspires the use of the word “incendiary” with pineapple is not to be taken seriously, by my palate.

  13. John, I am impressed. The fact that you had an entire meal you not only liked, but absolutely loved, at Mesa Grill proves that you hold no grudges. Loyal readers know your long history of berating Mesa multiple times in the past, but today is a new day. Good food is good food, and I am glad to hear they have some at Mesa Grill now. Bravo!

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