120 Dry-Aged Steak at STRIP STEAK

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Yes, another dry-aged strip sirloin…this time aged for four months and paired with a filet given the same treatment.

As good and gamy as it was, we had to admit to SS Executive Chef Doug Bell that we preferred his 50-day wonder — a cut that seemed to have the right balance of minerality, tenderness and a touch of funk. It could’ve just been the cut, but the extra 2+ months didn’t add much to the equation, and validated what Carnevino’s  Zach Allen maintains is aged beef’s sweet spot — right around the 60 day mark.

As for the filet, dry-aging doesn’t do a thing for filet mignon — the meat being too tender, lean and mushy gain much benefit from it.

As for the spicy crab in lettuce cups, it might be our favorite app ever at SS — packing some serious heat along with silky smooth, slight sweet and creamy thousand island-like dressing.

That sirloin isn’t always available. Bell tells us he tweets and texts his best customers when these aged beauties are ready, and they generally sell out in a night or two. Meaning: all this beef beneficence is for meat geeks only…and all you budding Josh Ozerskys out there should go get on Bell’s good side, if you want to taste the best in beef.

That super-aged sirloin is $61 — making it something of a bargain in the super-dry-aged-steak sweepstakes.

Just thought you’d like to know.


In the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino

3750 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109



2 thoughts on “120 Dry-Aged Steak at STRIP STEAK

  1. I hate when restaurants slice the steak up for you like that without asking. Theres something beatiful about that uncut steak on your plate and getting to cut into it yourself. Plus it drys the meat out.

  2. ELV, where’s the meat from and how is it handled? The one thing I really love about Carnevino, is their support of the humane treatment of animals which garners them my business. It’s one thing to have great product, but if you can do more, particularly with regard to the farming and slaughter, then it’s special and deserves recognition.

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