PLATE Luncheon at SAGE

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Hobnobbing with talented chefs and publishers of fancy food magazines is something ELV is uniquely suited for.

And by “uniquely suited” we meanĀ  he’s very good at stuffing his pie hole with top flight food whilst feigning interest in the conversation.

It’s a talent many aspire to, but few attain.

Not that it’s that hard….especially if you’re chewing the fat with Eiffel Tower Restaurant‘s Joung Sohn, Joel Robuchon‘s Kamel Guechida and Sage‘s Richard Camarota. And especially if that fat happens to include Sudtirol Speck from the Alto Adige (Al-toe Ah-DEE-jay) region of northern Italy, and copious amounts of Asiago Vecchio and Asiago Fresca cheese.

As good as they were, it was Camarota’s spring goat confit with preserved lemon gremolata that stole the show.

In fact, all of the food was so good — from the grilled mushroom salad with marina di chioggia squash and aged balsamico to the Asiago Fresca souffle — it made remember how long it had been since we last had a taste of Sage.

And bemoan why food like this isn’t available at lunch. But, as we all know, top flight food at lunch in this town is hard to come by. The millions who pack our town for vacations and conventions are usually thinking about things other than their stomachs in the middle of the day.

So, when one of our best opens for a midday meal — to highlight the pristine products of northern Italy and spread the word about PLATE magazine to our local chefs — ELV was there faster than you could say Teifenbrunner Castel Trumhof Gewurtztraminer.

PLATE is an industry ‘zine dedicated to creative chefs and better menus, but it’s website is painfully easy to subscribe to, and a must read by those in the biz or fascinated by it.

It also puts on one helluva plate lunch.


In the Aria Hotel and Casino

3730 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


3 thoughts on “PLATE Luncheon at SAGE

  1. Sage is one of my favorite restaurants.

    It’s really too bad that we have so few excellent lunch places. Sage would make a wonderful lunch spot.

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