6 thoughts on “EATING LAS VEGAS Top 10 Announced

  1. I am so very happy to see Le Cirque make the top 10 list. Shame on me for not making that prediction. Le Cirque is a restaurant I always go to now that Chef Pugin is running the kitchen. Chef Pugin brings so much technical skill and imagination to the cuisine of Le Cirque. Twist and Le Cirque are my favorite restaurants in Las Vegas and certainly two of the best restaurants in America.

  2. Trade Cut with Carnevino, add é and you nailed it. The only problem is what do you drop to accomodate é? Thats a tough call… but I think we can drop either Estiatorio Milos or Michael Mina, everything else should remain. Or better yet, make it the top 11 ;-)

  3. I have no qualms about the list, but in my humble opinion, Le Cirque is superior to both Twist and Guy Savoy in both cuisine and service. CUT has always been the leading steakhouse in my view, due in large part to their appetizers. The prime beef served throughout Las Vegas is admirable, but the bone marrow flan at CUT is fabulous and is an example of a dish that sets them apart.

    As far as the experience at e’, while it was my “top, best,” of 2011, I’m not sure I would say it is an “essential” restaurant. For the incurable gourmet, you must book a seat at e’, but for the larger dining public, I’m not so sure they would appreciate the science and flavors that take place on the plates at e’ and thus make essential.

  4. Two years in a row I’ve expected to see Sage on the top 10 list…was it Max who wrote in last year’s edition that the kitchen is inconsistent? My sample size is only two meals, but they were both extraordinary.

    Then again, not sure which of the top 10 you’d cut…

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