Eat This Now – Steakburger at THE BARRYMORE

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Just when we thought we were burger’d out, along comes this beauty to knock our socks off.

It is the perfect confluence of yeasty, soft, fresh, squeezable bun, with rich, roasted, chunky, loosely-ground steak, accompanied by just the right amount of onion-y accents, mayo and cheese. It feels like a handmade burger and tastes like a good steak.

In other words, it is a pristine, proportional, perfection of prime.

It was conceived by Holstein’s Executive Chef Anthony Meidenbauer and executed daily by TB’s Executive Chef Francisco Campa.

It costs $13.50…making it, for the price, perhaps the best high-end burger in town. (ELV acknowledges that these things can be a matter of personal taste…but this is one, tasty steak sandwich for several dollars less than you’ll find at most premium beef emporiums.)

Just thought you’d like to know.


In the Royal Resort Hotel

99 Convention Center Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89109


6 thoughts on “Eat This Now – Steakburger at THE BARRYMORE

  1. The Barrymore has a gem in Francisco Campa. Just had a well-balanced mole that hit all of the right notes, something that few in Las Vegas will even attempt. One of those wonderful timing mixes in which the restaurant has a deft hand in the kitchen to carry out their menu, while the restaurant also supplies a canvas for the chef to showcase his art. This place has a good thing going.

  2. John you are sure pushing the Barrymore.
    $13.50 for a burger??? Off strip. O well.
    I know you like rare and have paid the price-bacteral enteritis anyone.

    Gee you can get good prime rib for less than that at many off strip or Downtown places.

    I like how you try to promote business-You can get a good steak at EI for 50% of that burger.

    Tourists beware.

    Nothing more to say.

  3. Assuming the burger is made of actual U.S.D.A Prime cuts of meat, then I think $13.50 is valued priced. Then again, I think Bradley Ogden’s burger made up of 45% U.S.D.A Prime chuck, 45% U.S.D.A Prime ribeye, and 10% wagyu, and freshly ground to serve is fairly priced at $20.

    And as for getting “prime” rib at many off strip or downtown places or a “good” steak at EI for less, yes, these cuts of beef are cheaper in price, but are more than likely far from U.S.D.A Prime. Best case I would suspect U.S.D.A Choice, or (eeek!) U.S.D.A Select. But if you enjoy them, then, :thumbsup: and bon appetit!
    However, U.S.D.A Prime comes with a price premium, whether purchasing your steak at one of the few Vegas butcher shops (and COSTCO from time to time) that sell U.S.D.A Prime meats, or at U.S.D.A Prime serving steak house.

  4. For $13, Garfield’s, classic grilled burger, has house ground beef, grilled onion,cheddar cheese,tomato and lettuce is the best deal and the adding to the gourmet pleasure is the lakeside dining. I don’t mind paying the price since house ground beef is lot healthier than the processed meat (more fillers than meat-hence lot cheaper) as in most of the fast food franchises.

  5. Shut your mouth Harry, Garfields is dog shit … their burger is comparable to PT’s. You are most likely an employee of that pitiful restaurant

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