12 thoughts on “When Critics Attack!

  1. Al makes assumptions about John characters and refuses to listen to what John has to say. Al appears to be as closed minded as he accuses John.

  2. How does not liking tattoos make you a bigot? Im no lawyer (wink wink), but last time I checked thats not a protected class like gender, race, etc..

  3. My wife and I went to a restaurant in a different town where check average with wine and such runs about $125 a head so one could argue this is in the upper tier for this certain city….most patrons of this establishment wear either nice slacks and collared shit, some in sport coats and the ladies always dress to impress….I look over and I see a dude in shorts and sandals…big turnoff…I say to ‘self is this dude just a douche and has no class or is the management of this establishment in need of business and will allow anyone in on a busy Saturday night?

    I will back John on this, when going out respect yourself first, second respect other patrons and thirdly realize shorts and shit attire is no place for dining out at well respected establishments!

  4. wu wu- I couldn’t agree with you more. I frequently tell people it’s disrespectful not to dress properly in a good restaurrant. My hair color, tattoos and piercings, however, are not articles of clothing. They are part of who I am.

  5. John was into his cups, and Al…I look twice at him too.
    In reality, I just don’t take the advice of the punked out.
    Al did like that chick. Good judgement there. Inside she was laughing.

  6. I finally had a chance to watch the above show; I LOVED it!!!!! I would watch a weekly program with you two and Mr. Jacobson. It would be so entertaining.

  7. I loved when they suggested that Curtass should be writing for Gourmet Magazine. Gourmet isn’t published anymore. It’s obsolete. Just like Curtass’s approach to food and dining. He’s just a self-important old fart, always creeping on girls. A sweaty, drunken creeper in a seersucker suit.

  8. While I find Mr. Mancini to be a lively, articulate, and entertaining commentator, it’s largely despite the choices he has made for his appearance. And let’s be honest here–whether demonstrative of his sense of humor, his aesthetics, or his attitude toward conventional social norms and conventions (or all three)–they are personal CHOICES, NOT “who he is”. True, “who he is” made the choices, but he could have (and still can) make other choices. The question is really about whether those who make personal choices about their appearance that scream “Look at me! Look at me!” have a legitimate beef with those who DO look at them, and then make both aesthetic and personal judgements based on that appearance–whether a multicolored Mohawk or a seersucker affectation.

  9. Al looks like a clown hands down. I would kick him out of my restaurant no doubt. Jon is a total ass l and I have waited on him many times. I can tell you every time he came in we would flip coins on who had to get burned by waiting on Jon.
    Jon is right about DJ’s are a joke no doubt.
    Anyways good show. And most all of Jon’s reviews are correct. However a couple are way off because I think the restaurant didn’t kiss his ass enough so he slams them. Going to buy the 2011 book also. Biggest hidden find in 2010 was Blue Fin spectacular shames anywhere for the value.

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