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Why We Love SIMON

First, there’s the view:

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…and then there’s the view:

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…then there’s the roasted, salty-spicy edamame, the “colossal crab cake” (which is good, but none-too-colossal), the zucchini bread and the bread basket in general:

…and then there’s hot hostess Ashley:

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….whose very being (and highly professional presence) could make swallowing rancid headcheese a treat….

…then there’s a decent sushi platter with some nicely fried soft-shell crab, and some ponzu-spiked yellowtail sashimi (lifted straight from the Nobu playbook):

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…and finally, there’s the presence, mere feet away, of barely-dressed robo-babes who can’t seem to assume any sitting position without arching their back in all sorts of ways:

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The End

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In the Palms Place Hotel and Casino

4381 West Flamingo Road

Las Vegas, NV 89103


6 Responses to Why We Love SIMON

  • but John . . . . what about the view?

  • You are a gift to this town sir

  • the last picture is great…. Las Vegas wouldnt be Vegas without a pervert food critic, more about fashion and shmoozing like yourself. You gotta love it.

  • Hmmmm, so where is the balance? Do we have a female critic anywhere that likes to take pictures of hunky guys? I prefer you just sticking to the food reviews John. We have enough people promoting babes, bikinis and boobs.

  • Yes, John, Ive often thought that what this site is lacking is more pics of boners in tight pants, mens butts and ridiculous gay wedding celebrations.

    or maybe not.

  • @vegasdave LOL! :)

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