The Hungry Hound Hits Town

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Steve Dolinsky — Chicago’s Hungry Hound — is in town for a couple of days, and Eating Las Vegas caught up with him last night at The Cosmo for some spectacular sushi at Blue Ribbon (along with their famous fried chicken) and a tapas or ten at Jaleo.

As we’ve said before, besides always looking svelte and fit as a fiddle, the guy is a serious fresser. And despite having been traveling for twelve hours (between three cities no less), he was rarin’ to go.

ELV tapped out on at tapas long before Steve did (perhaps we shouldn’t have started our evening with desserts at Le Cirque, but more on that later), and for all we know, he’s still at Jaleo, chowing down.

Tomorrow, if you’re interested, he and ELV plan to hit Origin India on his way to the airport. (Forewarning: Eating Las Vegas is about to go on an all-Indian binge in an attempt to beat this heat. So get ready to get your fill of saag paneer posts in the near future, )

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  1. Hopefully origin India has gotten better over time, last time I went it was mediochre

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