The Worst Barbecue in the World

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ELV used to say that barbecue was like pizza and sex: the worst he ever had was still pretty good.

That was before his trip to Famous Dave’s the other day.

Something called rib tips were ordered. We expected something like the burnt ends you get from slow-cooked butt or brisket, or the scraps off of the sides of the ribs. Instead what appeared were chunks from the thick part of the spare rib, chock full of gristle and cartilage (which attach the rib to either the spine or sternum), coated with greasy, unseasoned fat, and cooked to either no-teeth-needed gumminess, or impossible-to-chew jerkiness.

All that cartilage, gross as it was, wasn’t the worst part. What raised our ire was the lack of seasoning and smokiness.

Picking through nine bucks of knuckle to find a few bits of fatty, inedible meat is not the way to our barbecue heart. Nor is serving us a brisket sandwich (once again) devoid of any true ‘cue signifiers.

All of which made ELV pose the question (to himself): Just what, exactly, is Dave Famous for?

Maybe it’s his pickles. The spicy/sweet ones were the best thing about the meal.

Our dinner for one pictured above came to $23, including tip.


Multiple locations which, in the interest of mercy, we will not direct you to.

7 thoughts on “The Worst Barbecue in the World

  1. I’ve had “Famous” Daves, even in Vegas. It’s overpriced and unexceptional, but if you think it’s the worst in the world, then you’re very lucky, because it does get worse.

  2. Filipino steam table ‘cue ranks below the Davester. Unless, of course, we’re talking lechon, which is food of the Gods.

  3. John, you nailed it. Unfortunately there’s one of these joints just down the road from my house, and unfortunately I’ve been gullible enough to give them the benefit of the doubt a 2 or 3 times a year and give them my business. And afterwards each time I feel like they gave me the business.

    Thankfully after trying those horrid rib tips once I’ve never made the mistake of ordering them again. They are as awful as you described, a real mess. The brisket sandwich is serviceable, but there is much better to be found elsewhere. And yes, the pickles are probably the best thing this place has going or it. I hate to sound so negative, but there’s not a lot of positives to be found at Famous Dave’s. It’s just another spoke in the wheel of food mediocrity.

  4. Been to Dave’s. The place wouldn’t stay open in KC 1 day.
    Another nasty is Memphis.
    LV is bbqless.

  5. The short-lived RUB at Rio was very good…but they charged casino prices for BBQ and in the end I think that did them in. Hard to justify shelling out $15 for a pulled pork sandwich, I don’t care how good it is.

  6. Ate @ Famous Dave’s in Times Square … Twice.
    Brunswick stew was good. Then they took it off the menu. Everything else was so salty it was unedible.

  7. So many BBQ restaurants in Las Vegas don’t even cook their all their meats in their store (daves is one of them) they just re-heat the meats… Shit daves they serve frozen corn!

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