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Though regarded with disdain by the chic, and horror by the alfalfa-sprout crowd, hot dogs are flat-out wonderful. And versatile. Dripping with onions and ball-park and mustard from a Sabrett man, they taste like New York; served in little cardboard doo-hickeys and called frankfurters, they taste like America. They also make no unreasonable demands on the home cook.Vladimr Estragon

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PS: For a beautiful short elegy for the last Howard Johnson’s in New York City (by our friend John Mariani) click here (and scroll down towards the end of the page).

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  1. I grew up on Grays Papaya & hot dogs, I can taste it right now, fantastic. Hands down the best I have ever had, what is the “recession special” price? It has always been one of the best deals in NYC food.

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