Curry in a Hurry at BIG WONG

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So we sez to our ‘cuz Troy Polee, “‘Cuz, let’s grab a quick bite with The Food GalĀ®.”

“I’ve got less than an hour,” he responds. “Where’s good, close, cheap, good, healthy, fast, clean, friendly, new and memorable?” (TP can be difficult to please on occasion.)

“Easy, peezy,” said ELV. “We gotta go back to Big Wong!”

“What’s a big wong?” came his understandably suspicious reply.

“Only the coolest, freshest, fastest, newest noodle shop on Spring Mountain Road,” we said. “Nothing is over 5 bucks, the stocks are deeply flavored, the shrimp wontons properly fried in fresh oil, the noodle soups, maybe not as finely tuned as Monta next door, but prepared in classic rough-hewn, Chinese fashion that is rib-sticking good.”

So we went, we curried and we conquered. And everything was just as fun and fresh as it was for our first foray. Just as good as the chicken and beef curries was the sauteed bok choy, and fiery chicken wings that may soon be featured in an “Eat This Now” post, as soon we get a tastier snap of them.

Our meal came for three came to $36 and they threw in a rib steak for free (and it was a pretty darn good rib steak).

Why did they throw in a free steak? Because they’d read Eating Las Vegas’ first posting on their noodle shop…and in a show of appreciation, had even copied it and framed it on the wall. (A first that we know of, but quite charming and decorative, if we may say so.)


5040 Spring Mountain Road

Las Vegas, NV 89146


3 thoughts on “Curry in a Hurry at BIG WONG


  2. Nice job JC–Big Wong was terrific. Fantastic shrimp wontons–someone in the kitchen actualy understands frying. Beef and chix curry producing the correct of sweat for a nonfire breathing curry. The best part was Connie. She explained each dish on the menu and we did not feel like roundeyes. Menu prices so low we had to tip 40%–Great Find!

  3. Terrific, terrific pick — this place is super great. Big Wong is the master of deep frying — the shrimp won tons and chicken wings were hot, crisp, and just terrific. Saturday’s veggie was Chinese broccoli and it was wonderful — tender, nicely sauced, and plentiful. Also loved the Hoi Nam chicken and seasoned rice. Another table was having the crab and it looked wonderful, as did the rib eye that went by. Everything was just great. They are super helpful and attentive. Connie is a gem. Even the patrons are friendly with each other — showing off what they ordered. We couldn’t believe how much food they serve for such reasonable prices. Just love it and can’t wait to go back. I hope they make it into the new book.

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