Our Usual at BEIJING NOODLE #9

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The food at Beijing Noodle #9 is so delicate, polished, and hyper-delicious, it’s almost scary. Chef de Cuisine Li Yu and his cooks present Chinese food on a level most Americans are unfamiliar with —  taking classics like kung pao chicken, black pepper beef and soup dumplings and elevating them to an almost pristine level of refinement that you will not find outside of a formal Chinese banquet. (For the uninitiated, Chinese banquets represent the ne plus ultra of their cooking arts.)

Let’s start with something as simple as the aforementioned kung pao chicken. This steam table staple brings precisely trimmed pieces of boneless white and dark meat to the table, lightly coated with a slightly sweet, vividly spicy sauce that is in perfect harmony with the chicken-ness of the dish. It is as far a cry from the sloppy, gloppy gook that usually accompanies this standard as Ziyi Zhang is from Amy Winehouse.

A feast for the senses is a culinary cliché of the first order, but it’s about the only phrase we can come up with for the lunch pictured above. Beginning with five-spice marinated beef shank with Beijing pickled cabbage straight through the hargow (shrimp) dumplings to the hand-stretched noodles with tomato and egg sauce, the vibrancy of this menu is unmistakable.

ELV likes to think of BNN9 as a more sophisticated China MaMa, and now that Chef Xingkai Deng (former Head Chef at China MaMa) has joined Yu and his crew, our staff thinks things will just keep getting better.

Caesars Palace picked up the check.


In Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino

3570 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


3 thoughts on “Our Usual at BEIJING NOODLE #9

  1. ELV responds: They are really more like jiaozi in chile oil….but the chef kept calling them xiao long bao so that’s how we referred to them.

  2. I went in for lunch and visited with Chef Deng. I think your analysis of this place being like a more sophisticated China Mama is spot on. I also spoke with Shelley Yu, The director of Asian Dining at Caesars Palace and she told me how happy they were to have Chef Deng on board and will be changing the menu to highlight his talents. I look forward to returning.

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