What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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If you answered: the misspelling of the word “sterling,” you would be wrong.

Sign misspellings occur all the time and are innocent mistakes.

What’s wrong with this picture (besides giving the impression they use koi fish for sushi) is: it creates unreasonable and unfulfillable expectations that the fish and the food will either be extremely fresh, extremely innovative, or extremely good.

Since it’s an AYCE (all you can eat) sushi joint, ELV is quite sure the food there is NOTA (none of the above).

7 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?

  1. And the subliminal message that you’ll only get chopsticks… How do you cut a steak with chopsticks?

  2. did you go eat there?

    I wonder what beef cake investor crew decided to open that joint

  3. What’s Wrong With This Picture? In a metaphorical sense, this post.

    Seriously, you’re now reviewing restaurants without actually eating the food?

    After all of the recent criticism about you giving favorable reviews to restaurants that comp your food, you post an unfavorable review of a place where you didn’t even eat. While you might be a very upstanding person and the comps don’t affect your judgment, it is the perception among some of your audience (now including me) that this is true. And in cases like this, perception is reality.

    The first thing that went through my mind after reading this was that you wanted to go, called, and were not offered a comp, so you decided to take it out on the restaurant.

    I like your work, so I urge you to stay away from things like this that undermine your credibility.

  4. Joe Jones, good hit at the ELV. I can see where your coming from but to show many minds think differently, The first thing that went through my mind after reading this was, “I dont blame him for not eating there”. Though it would have been amusing to hear the wreckening of that dining experience.

    This place has been open about a year now, and not once did my ambitions lead me to go eat xtreme sushi. I rather go eat the tried and proven garbage up the road at I love sushi or bump up to silverado to sushi mon.
    I’m no almighty John Curtas, but like I said, I dont blame him for not trying this joint.

    So he talks a little shit on it. Dont we all. Dont we all judge shit for face value sometimes, fuck yeah. Why hold JC to a higher standard cause he loves the lime light and gets free meals on the strip and has a virtual website.

    Its obvious that JC made a consience decesion to avoid the above disaster. Can insight be consider perception.

  5. Fan boyeeeeee, fair comments.

    I don’t necessarily disagree that the place might not be good — we do all make judgments on things based on all kinds of reasons.


    1. I hold JC to a higher standard because he is a semi-public figure with a blog about Las Vegas restaurants.

    2. For crying out loud, it’s called “Eating Las Vegas” not “Talking Shit About Random Places”.

    3. Eating at a restaurant is an unavoidable portion of reviewing it. If you don’t like the way it looks and can’t bear to enter its doors, don’t review it.

    4. If you want to comment on general food trends, it’s easy enough to say “Hey, in general AYCE sushi restaurants aren’t very good.” But to single one out and say the food sucks without, well, tasting the food, is beyond the pale.

    No, I am in no way affiliated with the restaurant (lest I be attacked like the author of the letter of the week a couple of weeks ago). Hell, I don’t even like sushi.

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