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ELV was so discombobulated by all the closings at Pacific Asian Plaza, he headed down the street and ended up ordering Korean food in a Japanese restaurant!

But let the record reflect: The Korean treats at  Yagyu Yaginiku — the home of 29 degree beer and superb self-grilled meats — are mighty fine indeed.

ELV will put YY’s dolsot (stone pot) bibimbap* up against any Korean’s in town, and the mandu are far from dumpy dumplings.

The sushi rolls aren’t all that hot, but mediocre is what you should expect and get when you start ordering fish in a meat restaurant.

Best of all, our confused little Asian foray gave us the chance to eat the crispy, crunchy, caramelized rice that forms on the bottom of the stone pot as it finishes cooking. The Spanish call this the soccorat or soccorada — from the verb “to toast,” which is what happens to the short-grained rice as it cooks on the bottom of the paella pan.

The Food Gal® does a masterful job of mixing the vegetables and spreading the rice (better, in fact than any Korean waitron we’ve had), and then timing the crackling cooking just right so the rice is sweetly toasted and almost as good as dessert.

Our confused consumption of comely Korean comestibles for two came to $30 (24.53+$5.47 tip).


4355 West Spring Mountain Road Suite 107

Las Vegas, NV 89102


* For more bloviating about bimbimbap, you might like to hear what we said about our favorite Korean dish on Nevada Public Radio, many years ago.

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  1. Socorrat is Catalan. The Persians call it tah dig, and every Central Asian culture has a name for rice crusted to the side of a pot. For a glossary, email me at my Website, askmax@unicahome.com. Otherwise feel free to rely on the cursory definition.

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