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Here’s a typical conversation ELV often has with his fellow food writers when discussing Chinatown:

Food Writer #1 (puffed up with his usual arrogance): “Have you been to (name any place on or alongside Spring Mountain Road)? My Chinese friends come here all the time, and I consider it the best  blah blah blah….”

ELV: “Yeah, I was there the week they opened, and hit it for lunch at least once a month.”

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Eat This Now – Dolsot Bibimbap at KOREAN GARDEN BARBECUE

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The Food Gal® is something of an expert on this “stone pot mixed meal” — at least as it exists in Vegas’ Korean eateries —  since she’s tried it in just about every Korean eatery in town. Of all she’s sampled, she loves the nicely arranged vegetables, and the big, ceramic bowl at Korean Garden Barbecue most of all, not least because that ceramic pot provides maximum surface area for caramelization of the steamed rice as it melts against the super-heated bottom and sides.

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