What The Hell Happened To Pacific Asian Plaza?

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As recently as two years ago, this two-story mall, slightly west of Decatur on Spring Mountain Road (right across the street from Raku), was ELV’s go-to spot for a panoply of pulchritudinous pan-Asian eats. Now:

Noodle Palace – gone

Penang Malaysian – gone

Ay-Chung Cafe – gone

Provence Korean Bakery – gone

Taiwan Deli – relocated

Shuseki – looking seedier every day.

Each one was one of the best restaurants of its type in town. Noodle Palace’s pot stickers and won ton soup were legendary. Penang’s bright, friendly interior, and colorful menu was a joy to peruse (and to learn from), and Slapsie Maxie swore by the authenticity of Ay-Chung’s Taiwanese treats.

Just as disturbing: The entire center, once the nicest in Chinatown (which, as you know, is neither Chinese, nor a town), has become graffiti-filled and gross.

ELV smells a foreclosure…or bankruptcy…but that hardly matters. Whatever stupidity, greed or financial machinations led to this demise and degradation is not our concern. Like Charlie Chan said: “Business conversation at table very bad for digestion.” (Shadows Over Chinatown – 1946), so we won’t belabor the point.

All we know is, in less than ten years, the best looking, best designed, most interesting restaurant center on Spring Mountain Road has hit the skids. Sad but true.

4 thoughts on “What The Hell Happened To Pacific Asian Plaza?

  1. Sorry pal, but you better wake up and smell the Hummis! Get out of the 5 star Strip grub houses and see what is going on thru out the city. Have you checked out the plaza were Lotus of Siam is located? Virtually vacant and looks like a third world street scene out of some WWII movie. Look around , the picture isnt pretty. Nora’s Wine Bar BK’d in a mall that is 1/2 vacant. Even the new Trivoli Village looks forlorn. Dont even get me started on Town Center Plaza and the whole street on either side of the now BK’s Robb & Stuckey store, vanct venues, closed eateries! Really sad.

  2. Face the facts ELV, those vacant storefronts will be filled up by payday loan stores in due course. And if non tax paying (but in a good way) 1st generation restaraunt owners arent making it…. well you do the math.

    But anyway, who really gives 2 shits about mom and pop places when you can get a sommelier to slice your steak for you at swanky carnevinos.

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