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DUE FORNI on KLAS TV (CBS) Channel 8’s Dishing and Dining

ELV note: This was broadcast over a week ago, but since ELV looks so fetching in his (white, as usual) Spring ensemble, we thought you might like to take a gander. (Btw: It pan-CHET-ta not pan-SET-ta. Four trips to Rome and we still can’t get it right.)

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  • Just FYI…the pizza with the egg on it is called the Tartufo (because of the truffles) and goes for $20.95. Carbanara is known for having eggs (you got that one) and some kind of pork or bacon (not found on this pizza). Also…just FYI…there is only one pizza on that menu for under $14.

  • Seriously, some of the best Italian food I’ve had from LA to Rome. It’s as good as Mozza for half the price. Worth the cab ride from the strip.

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