Eat (Don’t Eat) This Now: Birria, Paella and Tres Leches Cake at BORDER GRILL

Chef Mike Minor is whipping up a mean birria (goat stew/soup) these days at Border Grill:

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The word ELV is getting is Chef Mike is getting whole goat carcasses, breaking them down himself, before putting all that kosher goodness into a rich and deeply spicy stew. It’s damn good goat…and a steal at $12/bowl.

Unfortunately, we can’t recommend the paella:

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…as we found it gummy and starchy and not worthy of the generally fine cuisine put out by this Mandalay Bay Mexican.

Fortunately, all was salvaged by the tres leches cake:

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…that was as milky and rich as this cake can get.

Our  bill for two was $55 – including a $10 tip – with no booze).

Just thought you’d like to know.


In the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89919


3 thoughts on “Eat (Don’t Eat) This Now: Birria, Paella and Tres Leches Cake at BORDER GRILL

  1. Meh. I probably wouldn’t ever expect good Spanish cuisine from a Mexican restaurant, even a good Mexican restaurant at that. I can easily forgive Border Grill for an underwhelming paella…

    And really, who would want to order paella there anyway when there’s so much comida mexicana muy buena to order on their menu? Their chile relleno is so fantastic, I occasionally dream about it at night. ;-)

    And yes, the tres leches cake is phenomenal!

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