J & J SZECHUAN + GUY SAVOY = Only in Vegas

If you want a good dessert in a Chinese restaurant, go to a French one. – ELV

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And if you want great Chinese food, go to J & J Szechuan.

And if a sweet tooth craving hits after that, head east to Caesars Palace for a few of Dyan Ng’s amazingly light, yet rich and satisfying pastry creations at Restaurant Guy Savoy.

Sound odd you say? Not at all. In fact, given the plethora of pulchritudinous pastries populating this place of pageantry, it’s possibly persuadable that all persons should partake.

Which is what we did, with six hungry souls a week ago. A rogue’s gallery if you will, of rapscallions, reprobates and randy rakes, including Bruce “Barbecue Boy” Bloch, Calvert “Cocktail” Collins, Beth “Luxury” Schwartz, Amy Blair (all the way from K. C.!), The Food Gal®, and some towel boy named Vince:

…all of whom were game for some fiery food followed by fabulous French frippery.

That dinner at J & J,  following lunch at Marche Bacchus, was a spicy delight. Neither ELV nor his staff can figure out why this place isn’t packed to the rafters every night. Everything from the pork liver with beer to the Szechuan fish has that deeply elemental heat and savoriness that western Chinese is known for, and the the spicy intestines are so good they could make a chitin lover out of a vegan.

The food matched perfectly with the German/Alsatian wines we brought (and bought) from Marche Bacchus ($10 corkage) and disappeared quickly…despite half the table having no idea what they were eating.

It was another in a series of 8-9 hour lunches we’ve been having…in other words…just another Friday at the office for ELV.

Our meal for seven at J & J came to something around $120 (BBBB paid – thanks Barbecue Boy!), and the desserts + cheese + champagne + wine + bread at GS came to $250…which  ELV happily paid.


5700 Spring Mountain Road # A

Las Vegas, NV 89146-8861



In Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino

3570 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109