This Just In – ELV Judging Iron Chef America Tonight

The last time we judged Iron Chef America, the Food Network folks told us a month in advance when we’d be on…setting the stage for all sorts of merriment.

Now that we’re just another mega-famous food celebrity, it seems they’re taking us for granted…and we found out about our show’s being televised just this evening…thanks to a Facebook friend (and Vanguard bartender) Dustin Drankiewicz…who probably saw the early feed from the east coast via Direct TV.

Anyhoooo….at 10:00 pm pst, on the Food Network, tonight (approx. 1 1/2 hours from now), ELV will be appearing as a judge on Iron Chef America’s Battle Passion Fruit!

The good news is Battle Passion Fruit, pitting Iron Chef Jose Garces against challenger Michael Solomonov, will be re-broadcast this coming THURSDAY at 8:00 pm EST/PST on Channel 42 in Las Vegas.

Tune in then and be prepared to see ELV in all of his white-suited, preternaturally suntanned, short-haired glory!

8 thoughts on “This Just In – ELV Judging Iron Chef America Tonight

  1. I saw it earlier tonight. You were brilliant, and the winner’s foods looked like they were fantastic to eat.

  2. Next time you get short notice, how about giving me a call so I don’t miss it?

    If I’m correctly interpreting the schedule on the Food Network site, this was the Garces vs. Solomonov match, right? If so, it’s airing again this coming Friday, 2/3, at 8:00 PM ET/PT, for all those that missed it the first time.

  3. Damn. I blew it last night. I’m watching Iron Chef America and I turn to watch the last bit of “Jerseylicious” and miss your comments from atop the judging dais. That’s what I get for watching Jersey girls in tight fitting tops instead of Chefs crafting dishes from passion fruit. I’ve got it on my list to catch later this week.

  4. dr-

    “I’ve got it on my list to catch later this week.”

    Then it’s no big deal. I DVR’ed Iron Chef just in case I couldn’t resist temptation to watch yet another “Real Housewives of Atlanta” blowout. Of course I gave into that temptation (sigh), but I have “Iron Chef” ready to watch soon. Oh, the joys of DVR and 21st Century technology!

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