A Good Book Needs a Good Calzone and Downtown Needs a SETTEBELLO

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John Mariani’s new book: How Italian Food Conquered the World (2011 Palgrave MacMillan) is an essential read for anyone (and everyone) who loves Italian food, Italian restaurants, Italy (or IT-ly as my dear, departed dad called it) or any and all things Italian…which is to say, pretty much all of us. It chronicles the success story of this immigrant cuisine — from the 19th Century splash the Del-Monico brothers made among New York society to the mystique of Rao’s to the world-wide rise of Super Tuscan wines out of the ashes of Dago red — and is so fascinating, we hardly wanted to finish it.

Finishing, however, was not something we had trouble doing with our Settebello mushroom, ricotta, and sausage calzone.  Inhale was more like it.

Yeah, it was that good. Comprised of the usual superior sourdough, smoky, charred crust, and superb ingredients we have come to know and love — that we shoveled it in with with our usual elitist aplomb.

Mariani’s book won’t be officially released until March 15, but once it is, we suggest tucking into your own copy along with the calzone of your choice here (all pizzas are available folded over and baked in this manner). There are a lot worse ways to spend your lunch hour.

Btw: ELV is trying to convince owner Brad Otton that downtown Las Vegas needs a Settebello of its own. Would you agree? If so, let’s all start some kind of campaign or something. Our staff is tired of traipsing all the way to Henderson for Beautiful Seven’s beautiful pies.

Lunch was $20. The book was a gift from Palgrave MacMillan and Signore Mariani.


140 South Green Valley Parkway

Henderson, NV 89012



10 thoughts on “A Good Book Needs a Good Calzone and Downtown Needs a SETTEBELLO

  1. Settebello is one of only a handful of great restaurants in Henderson. I don’t go anywhere else for a pizza or calzone. Fortunately, it’s only three minutes from my house! Thanks for this one, John!

  2. As long as Settebello’s quality stays up there then sure, it would be nice to see multiple locations. However I’ve seen a number of places expand and then become a shadow of their former selves. Hopefully, if Settebello does branch out this won’t be the case.

  3. John B-

    “I’ve seen a number of places expand and then become a shadow of their former selves”

    That’s exactly what I’m worried about! If Settebello ever does decide to expand, I hope it finds a way to keep the food great here in Henderson. (Btw, I’m also less than 5 minutes away.)

    And btw, I must admit having Settebello here adds to my civic pride. Since there aren’t many other restaurants here to be all that proud of, it’s nice for me to tell all my friends and family that the best pizza in town is just up the road from my house. Downtown LV is already taking Zappos from us… Must they take Settebello as well? ;-)

  4. Brad is the kind of guy who maintains an excellent integrity and quality control, which would bode well for having a second location in Las Vegas. I have been to their Salt Lake City location, and the same high standards were in play. They also own a great gelato spot right next door. So how about a combination of both somewhere in the downtown area?

  5. basically all thats left in vegas for good pie is settebello and grimaldis…good thing the latter is opening a 3rd local on rainbow near the 215!!! manga ya’ll!!

  6. Settebello’s is absolutely authentic in its taste and experience I have enjoyed while visiting family in Sicily and Rome. We need one in West side of town and Downtown. If we don’t make it out there we only make pizza at home, because nothing else comes close.

  7. Brad Otton and his staff have kept the quality even though he and his sweet family live back in LA. Their next pizzeria will be in Pasadena on Colorado. I think they’re expanding it mindfully.

  8. DF-

    That’s right, they’re also in Salt Lake… But I thought Henderson was the first location. Someone, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.


    Oh, WOW! Settebello in LA? Now, they’re getting quite serious. It will be interesting to see how folks there accustomed to the “Cali Style” pies from the likes of Wolfgang Puck, Inc., and CA Pizza Kitchen react. I hope it works, and I’d be super excited if they ever open a location near my old stomping grounds in Orange County.

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