Hot Pastry Watch – BONJOUR BAKERY

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Melissa, besides being quite the croissant cutie, also serves what might be the best pastries in town at Bonjour Bakery.

This tiny, out-of-the-way/under-the-radar spot consistently outperforms many a commercial bakery. That croissant is a buttery, flaky beaut, and the breads are about the best you can buy retail. All together, Bonjour provides Manon with its only serious competition* in the Vegas Valley. (PS: Its savories, like it’s patisserie wares, are small in number, but also très fort (very strong) as Les Français would say.)

So go yourself and see which one you think is better.

Melissa will be happy to serve you.


4012 South Rainbow Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89103


* FYI: Patricia Louise Thacker (The Official Ex-Wife of ELV and First Food Gal®, and an inveterate, patisserie-loving, well-traveled, Francophile), considers Bonjour’s croissant and pain au chocolate to be far superior to Manon’s.

3 thoughts on “Hot Pastry Watch – BONJOUR BAKERY

  1. Wow! As a Bonjour’s neighbor and huge fun, I totally agree with you guys.
    Just want to let you know they have nice and tasteful “BEIGNET” available every weekend morning. Unfortunately it’s gone very quick. Yum!
    (Oh it’s in the picture? lol)

  2. I agree. Chocolate croissants are better here than at Manon.. Very similar to the ones you would find at Bouchon (only these are a mere $2.75)…

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