The Who – Christmas

As you know, ELV is quite the sentimentalist.

Okay, we’re not that bad. In fact, we love certain Xmas traditions around the ELV household.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a more cynical, razor-sharp assault on the maudlin traditions we hold so dear, to wit: the greedy-yet-solipsistic, consumerist, paganist/religious rituals being celebrated throughout our teetering-on-the-brink country right now.

Ann-Margret, Oliver Reed, Roger Daltry, John Entwhistle*, Pete Townsends lyrics and Keith Moon’s drums (pay particular attention to the fills after the 3:30 mark) — what could be less sappy on this Christmas morn than this Christmas song?

…and we love it.

Happy Christmas from all of us at Eating Las Vegas. And let’s hope you have at least as much fun on this wonderful day as this guy.

* Who died the ultimate rocker’s death: fat, rich, bloated with blow, at 4:00 am, in Vegas, at the Hard Rock Hotel, with an 8–ball on one side of him and a stripper/hooker on the other. R.I.P. John Entwhistle. And you too, Keith Moon.**

** Who, ELV is convinced, never had a day of piece his entire, short life.

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