Truffle Galore!

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ELV hasn’t wanted to taste something so badly since Brenda Myrick showed him her left breast in the 10th grade.

Come to think of it, the size is about the same.

Unlike our high school neighbor, this beauty comes from Alba, Italy, and cost Caesars Palace $1,600 — which is something of a bargain, considering a few years ago, a similar one (weighing a solid pound) would’ve fetched around $4,000 — according to Caesars Executive Chefs Todd Williams and Charles Wilson.

Williams also remarked to us what pristine condition this one is in — showing hardly any unsightly bumps or deep cracks. Even before being cut or shaved, its aroma was intense and could be detected from several feet away..

The chefs who get to play with it the most are Restaurant Guy Savoy Executive Chef Hugo Coudurier and Chef de Cuisine Mathieu Chartron — two uber-food dudes who groove on tubers. They plan on making it the centerpiece of Savoy’s special, white truffle tasting menu, available by reservation only for the next few weeks…or until the tuber magnatum run out.

Yes, it’s white truffle season food fans, and one of the greatest things about living in Las Vegas, amongst all these fabolous restaurants and world class chefs like Messrs. Coudurier and Chartron (not to mention Luciano Pellegrini, Paul Bartolotta, Alex Stratta, Pascal Sanchez, Steve Benjamin, et al) is that our humble burg gets the pick of the litter of these precious fungi every November. Meaning: the quantity and quality of white truffles in our best restaurants matches that of anywhere on earth — save for maybe northern Italy, Paris, and New York.

So, if you’ve got the coin, and can appreciate the earthy, musky pungency of these fungi in all their glory, book a table now at Guy Savoy, Valentino, Le Cirque/Circo, Bartolotta, ALEX, Twist, or Robuchon and let the shower of sexy ‘shrooms begin!

The six course, all white truffle tasting menu at Guy Savoy runs $390, but for a third of that, you can enjoy some Bites and Bubbles in the GS lounge, where a few small plates of the usual, ethereal Savoy food, will be garnished with white truffle shavings, and you can get a good taste of what all the shoutin’s about!

They taste so good, they almost make us forget our adolescent obsessions.



In Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino

3570 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


5 thoughts on “Truffle Galore!

  1. Guy Savoy rolled out the white truffle dinner for me and a few guests about three or four years back, when I was still at CP and doing the PR. One of the single greatest meals I’ve ever had. Funny siebar story about the manager at the time accidentally shaving them on Guy’s famed artichoke soup, which only calls for black truffles, and Franck Savoy being horrified and making the service staff remove the bowls in mid-bite. Hilarious considering that dining environment.

    Another of the greatest meals was last fall when Chef Luciano Pellegrini rolled out the white truffle wagon and served course after course of them shaved over house-made pastas, wild mushroom soup, risotto and grilled buffalo.

    Checking for flights back to Vegas now….

  2. Restaurant Guy Savoy is awesome. I’m also going to Robuchon this friday night, hopefully White truffles will be flowing freely there as well since chef is in town. As for Valentino, Luciano is the man when he’s working. Nobody better with birds, pasta and truffles.

  3. A white truffle tasting was also being offered at RM Upstairs last month… not sure if they still are.

  4. Screw it ! I ordered one from Urbani Truffles and will feast on it tonight. Fed Ex’d it to me in less than 24 hrs too.

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