This Just In – Hubert Keller to record Secrets of a Chef in Las Vegas

We’ve just learned that Vegas PBS has landed the production of Hubert Keller‘s Secrets of a Chef through 2015. Meaning: All production of this entertaining and informative cooking show will now take place at the fancy new digs of KLVX TV, Channel 10 in Las Vegas.

Quite a coup for Keller, for KLVX,  and for our humble burg.

Kudos to Keller…and it means he’ll be even a bigger presence in Las Vegas, which bodes well for lovers of Hubert (of which Eating Las Vegas is one), his cuisine and his DJing skills!

Rock on Hubert! (Continue after the jump to see DJ Frenchie French spinnin’ his heart out.)

2 thoughts on “This Just In – Hubert Keller to record Secrets of a Chef in Las Vegas

  1. I wonder if he will do segments from the place that will replace Fleur de Lys. In previous seasons of his PBS shows, he would have a segment from Burger Bar each show. In more recent seasons, he had them from his restaurant in St. Louis.

  2. This is fantastic news for both Chef Keller and Las Vegas PBS. Chef Keller is one of the best cooking teachers on television and PBS still leads the way for informative cooking programming.

    When I heard the news here I went straight away to the KLVX website and I will be making a contribution. Good for KLVX for making a long-term, (in the world of television), commitment to this program.

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