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You just gotta love Todd’s. Surviving for six years in the gastronomic wasteland known as Monochrome…uh…er…Greenspu…uh…ah…we mean GREEN Valley — a “town” of $400,000 homes and $40,000 cars where no one wants to spend more than $40 for dinner.

Todd’s doesn’t just survive, it thrives, mainly due to the dedication of Todd Clore — a classically-trained chef who is in the restaurant and at the stoves every day and night.

So Slapsie Maxie and ELV stopped in last week for a quick bite just to remind ourselves how solid this place is.

Chinese-worthy dumplings, impeccable trout, Steak On Fire, and two desserts later, we were as happy as a couple of stuffed clams.

ELV has decided the only thing he doesn’t like about Todd’s is that it isn’t closer to his house.

And it should be.

Because it’s really too good for Green Valley.


4350 East Sunset Road (near Sunset and Sunset – go figure)

Henderson, NV 89014



12 thoughts on “A Quick Dinner at TODD’S UNIQUE DINING

  1. It’s close to my house so nannee nannee booo booo! I love Todd’s and thanks for the reminder, I need to get there soon. :)

  2. I live in GV and have often had the chance to enjoy Todd’s food. I have never been disappointed. My only complaint is that the restaurant itself is uncomfortable…it was when it was Tuscany, as well as the incarnations that followed. I had hoped that Todd would change the booths and redo the interior. Did not happen; cutting a few holes in the wall to connect the two dining areas just did not do enough. Too bad, I really think twice when we consider where to go for dinner…I consider all aspects of the experience…comfort among them. John…keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for a another shout out to Todd’s! It’s been since the Restaurant Awards issue of Desert Companion since I’ve seen such solid support for Mr. Clore and his ‘uniqueness’. Although I am a measly “semi-foodie, foodie-wannabe, and psuedo-hipster-foodie”, I can still appreciate the fact that I get a Stip quality meal at a won’t break my still-paying-off-college-loans bank. My meals are never anything but absolutely great, his servers are well informed and professional (I have only heard of 2-3 cases of staff turnover), and I can bring my own bottle of homemade wine in for free on Wednesdays. I require that my family and friends take me to Todd’s every time they ask me if they can sleep on my couch for the weekend. No one has ever been dissappointed. On the contrary, even the most difficult diners I know have loved it (or at least really enjoyed it). Being a Silverado Ranch resident (and a solid 30 minutes from Lotus of Siam and every other north bound restaurant ELV loves) Todd’s is my first recommendation for anyone that lives south Sahara and east of the I-15.

  4. Love the comments…but have to agree with the “comfort factor” raised by Fred (it’s the only other thing I don’t like about Todd’s). Those booths should’ve been sold for firewood a long time ago.

  5. What happened to the letter of the week post….. did the vegas food mob threaten ELV

  6. Todd’s is very close to our house and we try to go at least two or three times a month. The booths are horrible, I agree; usually I prefer booths, but these are a challenge. We often eat at the bar, which is very pleasant. It’s a terrific place with great food; we’ve eaten there often enough that there have been a few ‘misses’ but they are rare. Moreover it’s somewhere most anyone will be happy at, from the most discerning gourmand to Mom &Dad.

  7. Are you guys on crack? Did todd’s bitch wife terry blow you all in the back? You must be on a 3 day meth bender starving to love this place. Dumplings are shit fried goat cheese with raspberry give me a break. desserts are also a “clown shoe” However skirt steak on fire is AMAZING no doubt. Restaurant atmosphere – terrible amd absurdly uncomfortable weird place to dine. oh awful decor!! most importantly TERRIBLE service I mean abhorrent, appalling, atrocious, beastly, disastrous, disturbing, ghastly, and gruesome. Especially the way the owners treat you. I will go back because the skirt steak on fire is amazing but how can give these guys this much credit???

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