High Society at NOVE

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Geno Bernardo has all the fun.

Most hard-working professional chefs toil and sweat and slave in front of 300 degree stoves for hours at a time, battling fatigue, thirst, hangovers, unruly line cooks and unreasonable patrons.

Geno gets to cavort with mega-babes, play the bongos, dance on the job (with the aforementioned mega-babes), and collect accolades for figuring out how to get women to come to his restaurant on Sunday afternoons in their underwear.

Most young chefs and chef-wannabes look at the Food Network stars with envy and admiration.

If we were them, we’d plan our career path around whatever deal Geno made with the (horny) devil.

He still cooks mind you (some of the best Italian food in town), but cooking for the public is….like….hard and shit…compared to motorboating your way through the mammaries…so you’ve got to hand it to the guy for figuring out how to combine business with pleasure.

All those young, eager, forward-looking chefs out there should be grateful to you (the straight male ones anyway), for giving them something to look forward to that doesn’t involve badly burned forearms and multiple stays in rehab.

We appreciated the eggs fonduta (with a silky, eggy cheese sauce), the hand-made frittatas (that come with a side of tatas), the cheese selection, the dessert selection, the pastas, the salads, all the fun and the fishnets.

Thanks Geno, for thinking up High Society at NOVE, so we now have someplace to go on a slow Sunday, for that coffee-shot concoction that made us feel drunk and wired for the rest of the day, and for the surprisingly good “keg” wine.

But most of all….

…thanks for the mammaries.


In the Palms Hotel and Casino

4321 West Flamingo Road

Las Vegas, NV 89103



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  1. Well, jiggly eggs covered in Hollandaise and barely covered jiggling breasts is not a dish I would refuse…

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