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We’re not going to say much more than the tapas and Spanish desserts pictured above are some of the best food being done in Vegas right now. Best of all, Julian Serrano is open for lunch, where you can graze and indulge to your heart’s content without battling the crowds that flock here at dinner.

And somehow, tapas always seem more correct to us for a mid-day or late night repast anyway.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Btw: JS currently is pouring Jancis Robinson’s La Bota de Manzanilla (only 600 bottles made) — perhaps the best manzanilla sherry in the world — for special customers.

Tell ’em ELV sent ya, and you might get a sip…

Just thought you’d like to know.

8 thoughts on “New Tapas at JULIAN SERRANO

  1. I have eaten here three times. Aside from the ceviche and the egg and chorizo tapas, I thought that overall it was pretty average. None the less, It’s been a few months since I’ve been back, maybe it’s worth another look.

  2. george you are right on, as with most of the city center fare, it is extremely average. and dont worry when you are ready to come back there will be PLENTY of empty table to accomidate you!!!

  3. I just came back from there, the place was excellent like always and it was super packed. When I see reviews like the previous – “lets just say, I miss cafe babareeba” – I really think you guys don’t deserve food like that, you should just stick with your chicken and mashed potatoes that you ate all your life.

    This is the only authentic tapa restaurant in LV, nothing gets even close to it and some of the dishes are even better executed than many tapa restaurants in Spain.

    If your idea of tapas is fried junk food to throw down your throat while you are getting drunk than there are several choices in town.
    But if your palate has actual receptors connected to your brain, and you see beauty in food, attention to details and understand what the chef meant to say, then you are in for a treat.

  4. I’ve been here four times. The first time was atrocious featuring liver-y, dried out chicken croquetas and marinated-to-order shrimp ceviche. Second time the $9/glass sangria was way off, tasting of rotten apples and the patatas bravas were raw. Third time was pretty good. I thought they were finally coming around in the kitchen, but the fourth time they regressed. Rubbery pulpo asodo and salt-lick tortilla espagnola that was runny with raw egg in the middle come to mind thinking back to the many kitchen missteps.

    Desserts are weak. Molten chocolate cake? Really? Domino’s serves molten chocolate cake now.

    The lights in the dining room are turned up full blast now, no doubt to attract the attention of the herds of people milling about in the nearby airplane-hangar-esque lobby. The music was barely audible. The place was cafeteria-bright. No intimate meal here, but also not fun, no energy.

    Wines are marked up 400%. Portions are miniscule. Prices are outrageous.

    I ate last month at Bazaar in LA and it blew Serrano out of the water in every possible way from the room to the service to the food to the creativity.

  5. Alot of reviews of this place are split 50/50. I have yet to go to this shit shop and being that it comes back 50/50, I dont think its worth the money to even try.

    Regardless it doesnt make since to go spend 100+ on tapas. At the end of the day Julian Serrano is just another Las Vegas nobody with his name on a restaurant that hes barley at.

    Maybe these arrogant chefs need to pull thier heads out their ass and learn to utilize the spanish ingredients they so proudly praise. and train their cooks to prepare the shit right.

    But regardless of ingredient and concept, i guess Jose Andres is going to show Las Vegas how real spanish men cook.

  6. “Julian Serrano is just another Las Vegas nobody.”. Yeah it takes a real NOBODY to earn 2 Michelin Stars. Wish I could be as big of a loser as him.

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