GUY SAVOY – Perfect Food

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While everyone knows ELV eats better than just about anyone on the planet, his staff is often left to scrounge and forage for leftovers in the office fridge.

So as a treat, we took some of them to Guy Savoy the other night to sample the new Spring menu.

One of them remarked: “This food is fuccen great!”

And ELV had to admit it was all that and a bag of chips.

The pictures tell the story.

Just look at the tasty snaps.

You can practically taste the perfection.

PS:  The new Executive Chef at GS is Hugo Coudurier, as Eric Bost has left to head the stoves at Guy Savoy Singapore. We loved Eric’s cooking and will miss him, but this place hasn’t missed a beat.

4 thoughts on “GUY SAVOY – Perfect Food

  1. I ate there last weekend. Pure awesomeness and I didn’t care about the bill either. I told my wife we were going to not go out as much so we can return here more frequently. This place doesn’t miss a beat: perfect food, perfect service and a glass of 65 Springbank to finish the meal …. Might just have to return this weekend anyway.

  2. It baffles my mind. This restaurant is so beyond worthy of 3 Michelin Stars. Hands down.

  3. Looks beautiful. The dishes actually look rather large too (compare to the bite-size dishes you might get at other top-caliber restaurants). Love Guy Savoy as well. Creative, yet doesn’t take try to get too fussy and take away from the raw ingredients.

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