In Case You Missed It – Food Talk on Nevada Public Radio

We at ELV know that most of you don’t sit around your radios at 10:40 am on Friday mornings wishing, hoping and praying that the programmers at Nevada Public Radio will give you another taste of Max Jacobson and John Curtas’ captivating, contumacious and condescending commentary about the Vegas food and restaurant scene.

Therefore, as a public service, we hereby offer you this link to last Friday’s program. Scroll down on the page to get to the “listen link” so that you can actually enjoy the audio.


Our Top 5 coffee shops in town, and

EAT IT OR BEAT IT, where we review:

Naked City Sandwich Shop

Hue Thai’s Famous French Sandwiches, and

American Fish.

6 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It – Food Talk on Nevada Public Radio

  1. I always like listening to you and Max. Is there anyway that the fine folks at KNPR can set up an RSS feed for this show? Really, they ought to do it for all of them. That way I can easily subscribe to them in iTunes and then put them on my iPod.

  2. That’s what I am looking for. For the radio show to be a podcast! It would be great. I’ll email the folks at KNPR.

  3. John- what about Raffles cafe at the Mandalay Bay?- always one of my favorite breakfast places on the strip- real food and large portions- what do you think?

  4. Great show, as always. You and Max are doing a wonderful job, and I wish the show were on more often.

    How about a search for lunch spots in town? I did a little experiment with Strip lunch locations that were less than $25, based on the 2009 Michelin guide, and the champion for me was Tableau at Wynn!

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi John-

    I have been following your reviews for a while now and have to say that your almost always on point with your findings. Thanks to you I always find great places to take my guests when they are here. Im emailing you because I also own a restaurant in Vegas. The name of it is Kabob Express and we are newly opened. I would like to invite you to stop in sometime and have a complimentary lunch or dinner on us. We have kabobs ranging from chicken, beef to lamb and fish. Each come with rice, salad and bread. We are also located on Tropicana and Easter. Please let me know when you would be free to come in so that I can make arrangements. My email address is Thanks and keep up the great work.

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