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We tried a couple of Smashburgers yesterday, a couple of days into its opening, and found them surprisingly beefy, well-seasoned, just the right degree of greasy, and encased in a nice, squishy, fresh and eggy bun. (In other words, it was everything our burger at Grind wasn’t.)

We weren’t as thrilled with the gigantic salad — under-dressed and topped with insanely oversalted fried onions — but Slapsie Maxie loved the two fried eggs that adorned its top, so we’ll give it a pass.

Besides, who orders a friggin’ salad at a burger joint anyway?

Our 1/3 lb. cheeseburger, decent vanilla malt, and forgettable fries came to $11.49. We left a buck-fifty tip.

Just thought you’d like to know.


7541 West Lake Mead Suite 2

Las Vegas, NV 89128

11 thoughts on “SMASHBURGER

  1. Actually that salad looks pretty good. Although the lettuce seems irrelevant and it probably has more calories than the burger.

  2. Lets see.. Fried onion rings. Fried egg. Bacon. Guacamole. Yeah.. the lettuce is getting in the damn way.

    Smashburger expanded into the Dallas area recently. There is a location close to me. I’ve been twice. It’s pretty good. If you are a Las Vegas local and live nearby, go check it out. But if you are a tourist coming into town to spend some time on the Strip, I wouldn’t bother.

  3. I tried Smashburger on Sunday and was not pleased at all. The smashfries were extremely greasy I did not eat that much of them. Then the burger was so greasy it kept falling apart I gave up and threw it away. I won’t return to this place.

    My order:
    Create your own:
    Spicy Chipotle bun
    Pepper Jack Cheese
    Light Mayo
    Lettuce, Tomato, Grilled Onions

    Maybe it is what I ordered but have had similar burgers to this elsewhere and was not as greasy and messy

  4. And one more thing, I’m not convinced that my 1/2lb burger was even a 1/2lb. That kind of cheap behavior by a company is just not cool business.

  5. I tried it last week and it is good. The meat gets a nice crispy texture to it from the grill. I like the fries – they are greasy because they are tossed in olive oil, so it’s sorta like a yummy grease.

  6. I was shocked how good my 1/3 pound smashburger was. Fresh bun, perfect griddle char, crispy and fresh vegetables. My step son wanted to go and I was reluctant. I’m glad I went.

  7. This is as tasty and fairly priced as any burger I have ever had–and at my age, 77, I have been an expert on inumerable burgers.

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