Geno Bernardo’s Italian Lessons

On the last Saturday of the the last five months, Chef Geno Bernardo and his crew have been conducting a cooking class high above The Strip at NOVE. For $75 you get lessons in salads, pasta making, sauteeing and sausage, followed by a kick-ass lunch of the very recipes you just saw prepared by professionals.

Each dish comes with a well-chosen wine, and is infused with lots of information and personality from Chef Geno.

It might be the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon…if your idea of a good time is learning about top-shelf food, and getting personal with a first class restaurant and its chefs.

All of the instruction takes place in the NOVE kitchen, you can question Geno and his sous chefs to your heart’s content, and you get to mangia mangia on the very stuff you’ve just learned about.

Yeah, it doesn’t get much better for an Italian food aficionado, and is one of the many reasons we consider NOVE one of our best, and most passionate Italian kitchens.

We at ELV also consider NOVE our most unsung Italian restaurant (even though we sing its praises all the time). The trouble with it isn’t the food (which is fantastic); or the decor and view (outstanding), or the wine list (very good), or the bar (stacked with hotties most weekends), or the staff (highly competent and friendly).

No, the problem is: it’s 51 freakin’ floors above the ground, making impulsive “let’s drop in and see what Geno’s cooking up?” moments few and far between.

But if you park in the Palms east parking garage (near Valley View), it’s a lot easier to get to than any restaurant in the MGM, and on the last Saturday of every month, you can eat our town’s most spectacular lunch, and learn a little something to boot.


In the Palms Hotel and Casino

4321 West Flamingo Road

Las Vegas, NV 89103


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  1. OMG, I SO want to do this! My birthday is coming up soon, so I guess I now know what I’ll be dropping hints for. I’ve been learning my way around my new kitchen for a few months now, but it always helps to get some helpful hints from the pros… And besides, I just can’t wait to start making my own pasta! :-)

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