Hot Hostesses Watch – BRASSERIE PUCK

In honor of the opening of Brasserie Puck in Crystals Mall at City Center (that is neither a city, nor in the center of anything), we thought we’d feature three of the most professional-looking hostesses to come down the pike since Perle Mesta was in her prime.

Boy, have we come a long way baby…and we at ELV wish to thank Katelyn, Morgan and Jessica for making any stroll through this half-empty, obscenely expensive, mega-mall worth it.

1 thought on “Hot Hostesses Watch – BRASSERIE PUCK

  1. Why yes, that’s a quote from a Latin translation of the Odyssey! Book 23, 152!

    Odysseus has just made it home and he’s about to have a nice meal and the slaughter the suitors, hang the maids who “knew” them, boink Penelope (after 20 years), and then go rustle some cattle to replenish his herds:

    Meanwhile the housewife Eurynome bathed the great-hearted Odysseus in his house, and anointed him with oil, and cast about him a fair cloak and a tunic; and over his head Athena shed abundant beauty, making him taller to look upon and mightier, and from his head she made locks to flow in curls like the hyacinth flower. And as when a man overlays silver with gold, a cunning workman whom Hephaestus and Pallas Athena have taught all manner of craft, and full of grace is the work he produces, even so the goddess shed grace on his head and shoulders, and forth from the bath he came, in form like unto the immortals.

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