Korean Eats with Thomas Keller

First came the KNPR interview (to be broadcast next week), then came the photo op, and finally, Slapsie Maxie figured chowing down on a dozen plates from the Greenland Korean Market’s new food court would be just what America’s most acclaimed chef would be in the mood for.

And so he was.

And thus were a multitude of plates were rendered, and laid before him.

And lo did he express thanks, and consume them with relish.

And verily did he proclaim the pepper chicken too laden with starch, and the kal-bi and cake of mung bean to be of the highest quality.

Words of praise were given and prayers answered and thus did it come to pass that hunger was abated.

And it was good.

So sayeth Thomas The Great.

5 thoughts on “Korean Eats with Thomas Keller

  1. Dang. Had I been at the top of my game and had seen the opportunity, I would have put in a bid far greater than the winning bid to dine with ELV and Max.

    I can’t wait for the airing of Chez Keller in the hotseat on KNPR!

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