Four Dishes at MUNDO – All Bueno

Mundo seems to be happening at lunch. Dinner looked reasonably busy too, and we’re guessing management is pleased with its first month of operation (they need to fix the wobbly tables, however).

The lunch pictured above: poblano green chile corn soup (with a nice hint of cumin), pork carnitas, chopped salad (containing enough ingredients to make Todd English blush, but somehow it works) and chipotle-glazed shrimp in a red chile brandy sauce, was measurably more interesting than our previous dinner — beautifully presented and full of both subtle and strong Southwestern flavors.

All of this bodes well for downtown’s newest addition. It’s obvious that lots of folks are finding their way to this obscure location for a first bite. Whether they return again will be the determining factor.

Btw: Mundo has a groovy website...that makes us want to hop the first jet to Playa del Carmen.

Just thought you’d like to know.

7 thoughts on “Four Dishes at MUNDO – All Bueno

  1. If you had to take two poor, Mexican food deprived Canadians to eat in Vegas, where would you go? Thinking Los Antojos or Los Molcajetes and maybe a visit to Mundo for lunch for more “haute Mexican” as well.

  2. I think you’re on a good path, yosh. I’d just add that Border Grill is the best “Haute Mexican” option on The Strip, and that I finally tried Las Palmas at Commercial Center today and was pleasantly surprised by the comida here (not a fave, but a good fallback when Lotus & Namaste are too busy).

    I just can’t wait to try Mundo for myself soon! :-)

  3. Yosh: Border grill is for girly men like lefty who like pretty white cheese decorations on their black beans and peach margaritas

    Real caballeros will vist Lindo Michoacan on D.I./Eastern, or for a view of the strip from the Henderson Hills, their new digs on Horizon Ridge

  4. i’m actually staying at the Mandalay for one night, so i could probably hit Border Grill for lunch (i was leaning towards going to RM Seafood, tho). Has anyone tried Hussong’s?

  5. I ate there two weeks ago and it was good. I went back yesterday and it was terrible. Absolutely no heat in the salsa, poorly seasoned and cold.

  6. VegasDave – what is your definition of a “real caballero”? I understood it as it’s the place where real Mexicans go. I’m not sure how accurate your assumption is. Everytime I’ve eaten at LM I noticed a lot of white faces eating in the dining room, while everytime I’ve been to Los Molcajetes (forgive me if I spelled it wrong) or Los Tacos there were brown faces. In my opinion LM offers a “FEW” amazing dishes that appear to be authentic, taste amazing, and keep me coming back. Now is it really a place where “real caballeros” go? Maybe a few, but I doubt the masses.

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