MOzen Breakfast

What kind of restaurant can pull off congee and banana bread French toast with equal aplomb? We’re guessing only MOzen — a place with the gastronomic horsepower of the Mandarin Oriental hotel chain behind it.

Of course, it helps to have a guy like Executive Sous Chef Shawn Armstrong at the stoves — a fellow who knows his way around Asian porridge as well as he does eggs Benedict. He puts barbecue pork under one and Chinese pork atop the other and both are excellent examples of these disparate dishes. Armstrong has been all over Asia in the past five years, cooking at multiple Mandarin locations, but his firm grasp of how to make barbecue and biscuits reveals his southern-fried roots.

Equally scrumptious are the dim sum — small in selection but extremely well made — and the house-made yogurt with apple compote. We stopped eating yogurt when it jumped the shark around 1985 (and started including everything from mixed fruit jelly to chocolate chips in the bottom of the jar), but MOzen’s fresh made version instantly converted us back to the cult of curdled milk.


In the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

3725 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


5 thoughts on “MOzen Breakfast

  1. I have eaten in this restaurant at least once a week since it opened and although I haven’t had the breakfast yet , the lunch and dinners have been exceptional. specifically, the chicken curry was the best I personally have had in this city and the naan was perfectly prepared too. I tried my wife’s Halibut and my step son’s wok prepared filet at our last visit and they were incredible as well. Further , the sushi is very fresh too. (including the Uni !) and the Hot and Sour soup is not to be missed either. I’m personally amazed that this “cafe” is putting out food of this caliber and look forward to our next visit. One more thing, unlike many restaurants on the strip that are buried deep in the hotel. it’s literally two minutes to the restaurant from the valet in front of the hotel so aside from the high quality food , it’s highly convenient to get to as well.

  2. This is my nephew! He is a great chef and has a wonderful family!
    Love you….Aunt Lynnette

  3. I had the pleasure of dining in Shawn’s restaurant in Sentosa, Singapore on several occassions over the years. And certainly had the best dining experience ever there! He is fantastic and I can’t wait to come to Vegas!

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