LINDO MICHOACAN – Because Sometimes a Guy Just Can’t Get Enough Tongue

When we asked the waitress at Lindo Michoacan to slip us the tongue, she knew just what we were talking about.

Because sometimes, a man just can’t get enough.

That’s how we ended up with two plates of fork tender lengua (mole and tomatillo), smothered in sauce and ready to be slurped down.

So good were they, that it reminded us that sometimes you just have to know what to order at a place. No restaurant can do everything perfectly, and when a place has a menu the size of Lindo’s, you know much of it will be mediocre (and it is).

But the mole was deep and smokey and rich, and the tomatillo, while not the best we’ve had (it lacked a certain bright acidity), were both perfect foils for this magnificent muscle.

And we remembered this place can deliver superior eats, as long as you don’t mind how offal it’s gonna be.


2655 East Desert Inn Road

Las Vegas, NV 89121


3 thoughts on “LINDO MICHOACAN – Because Sometimes a Guy Just Can’t Get Enough Tongue

  1. Heh. Have you tried their new La Loma restaurant here in Henderson yet? So far, it’s the best view I’ve ever experienced in a Mexican restaurant. And while the (spicy) heat is turned down a little to spare all of us “Monochrome Valley Gabachos”, the food was still tasty enough to even satisfy my dad… And he’s not easy to please when it comes to la comida mexicana.

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