6 thoughts on “JULIAN SERRANO on KLAS TV (CBS) Channel 8’s Dishing and Dining

  1. Mmmm mmmm, yummy! I can’t wait to try out this place, too. Ah, if only I had more time (& a limitless platinum card) to just do a marathon “eating” of all the CityCenter eateries… Well, except for that “all you can eat” place that doesn’t sound appetizing and was only added to appease Joe Schmoe & Jane Plain.

  2. adleft, i am on that marathon right now, have dined in 4 places this week at city center, serrano is just ok, so dont get your hopes up too high, there were A LOT of flaws with the food, mostly technical. over cooked, under cooked not properly seasoned,,,ect ect

    although there are tidbits of greatness mixed in, the papa bravas are great, but DO NOT TRY the salt-cod with pil pil sauce it is HORRIBLE

  3. clue-

    So what’s your favorite so far? And are there any other duds we should know about?

    It hasn’t been faring too well (but not too badly, either) on the Urbanspoon reviews, but I didn’t put too much value into the typical tourists complaining about pricing. But if you and other “people in the know” are having problems with Julian Serrano, then maybe there’s something going on that they’re not letting Mr. ELV see.

  4. hmmm favorite!!! JP pastry is your best chance to get something good. you are still gonna get ripped off but at least you will enjoy whatever confection you get.

    sirio’s food is mediochre, serrano food has distinctive highs and lows with terrible service. JG steak food is ok but nothing great, service is ok and silk road is horrendous!!!

    i have had some chef freind from wynn and bellagio eat at a few of these places as weel and we are all on the same page with so-so food at all of them. i still have twist on the agenda, im hoping that will be a highlight

  5. Twist is really, really good. There is a bit of shock-value food (venison ice cream) but our tasting there recently was top-notvh. As one dinner companion put it “I won’t settle for potato chips wiyhout sardines again.”

  6. Again, I offer my service as your friendly ELV bookie:

    First restaurant in city centre (or is it cent”er”) to go belly up?

    parlay with over under 6 months (under is -120)

    Good god arent the “00”s over? Overpriced food served with an attiutde in a dining room full of tourists, mortgage brokers and real estate hot shots is like so fin de siecle.

    And WTF is up with Lavo hosting the Salahis at their nightclub. and with a red carpet to boot. Would someone please airlift those scumbags to port-au-prince PDQ.

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