6 thoughts on “Hot Hostess Watch – SPAGO

  1. Congrats to Krystal and Spago.

    And btw, when will we see another hot host… Or waiter… Or sommelier? I’m not that picky, but the str8 ladies and gay boyz here wouldn’t mind some guy candy every once in a while. ;-)

  2. The minute ELV starts finding men attractive, he promises to feature them in this spot on his blog. His staff assures you that this will probably occur about the same time he starts wearing NASCAR jackets and takes up skydiving.

  3. I would have to recommend Rinnah at the Hawwian tropic bar in PH, she tends bar Thursday to Monday she is incredibly hot and nice

  4. Congrats Krystal! Well deserved!

    Ok I know this topic is super old but I was at Spago today and would definitely nominate the STUNNING hostess that was there tonight as one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! Oh and if someone knows who she is, even better! ;)

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