4 thoughts on “FIRST Food and Bar on KLAS TV (CBS) Channel 8’s Dishing and Dining

  1. So not only is he Master of the Radio, but Mr. ELV can also conquer the land of the teevee!

    No really, I may really soon break this habit of bypassing Adelson-land to stop at First. Perhaps I can convince the special someone to take me to lunch here tomorrow. ;-)

  2. bwdining-

    Don’t ever let politics hamper your dining fun atdleft

    Heh. If I did, I wouldn’t ever go to… Well, anywhere on The Strip!

  3. OK, I did it. The special someone took me to First for brunch today. The food was amazing! Again, Mr. ELV and bwdining were right on the $$. :-)

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