In Case You Missed It…

Click here to hear last Friday’s premier of The John & Max Radio Restaurant Show on News 88.9 FM KNPR – Nevada Public Radio’s State Of Nevada.

The show had everything:

Max pontificating;

Me masticating (on public radio no less!);

Tom Sietsema ruminating;

Elizabeth Blau illuminating;

Max trashing Mother’s Korean Grill, and;

Da bodda us being more than a bit lukewarm on the menu at Garfield’s.

The good news: we’ll be doing show #2 on Friday, October 9th…assuming Max and I haven’t knifed one another before then.

5 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It…

  1. Good show! Let’s look at doing this one weekly . . .

    Regarding your discussion of how people dress in Vegas restaurants, I was at Restaurant Charlie a couple of weeks ago on a Tuesday night. I was in a sport coat; my wife wore a nice dress. There were only two other seated tables that night. On one, a gentleman was wearing a nylon track suit. On the other, the gentleman was in an old pair of shorts and a t-shirt. That really was a distraction for what turned out to be a $750 meal.

  2. Yeah, I’ll never forget when I went to Stratta at Wynn in July and found that the party reservation behind me was all “adorned” in t-shirts and even TANK TOPS! Even when I was at Ago at Hard Rock just over a week ago, I spotted a few t-shirts among all the rest of us who were all dressed up.

    Come on, did that many hetero men and even some ladies forget how to dress? Come on, if someone is planning to spend over $50 per person for dinner one might as well look the part.

  3. I’ll never forget the party that showed up at Delmonico’s in shorts, tee shirts and baseball caps (on backwards, of course) carrying in their beers from the casino. The caps never left their heads.

    It certainly had an effect on the ambiance.

  4. Great job today! I was mostly rooting for Mr. ELV today, but I do have to agree with Mr. Max on Downtown. Fremont Street isn’t going away any time soon, so we’re probably better off supporting the culinary sparks of life appearing at Firefly and Tinoco’s than demanding the demolition of the last “Old Vegas” holdout. And btw, Mr. Max is also right about the superb tapas at Firefly… The manchego mac & cheese is not to be missed!

    Otherwise, I agree more with Mr. ELV on the burger picks and the “Eat It or Beat It” picks. As a vegetarian myself, I was quite offended by Mr. Max’s mention of Claim Jumper. A SUPERMARKET FROZEN DISC AT CLAIM JUMPER??!! Gimme a break! Both Burger Bar and LBS do far superior veggie burgers that are house made and taste great. Oh, and Anthony’s pizza isn’t worth it. Come visit my neighborhood “District” instead and do Settebello.

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