L.A. Pastrami Smackdown – NATE ‘N AL v. LANGER’S

ELV was feeling hungry the other day on a visit to L.A., so instead of his usual morning repast, he decided to hit Los Angeles’s two most famous delicatessens (in the same day) to see how each of their pastrami sandwiches stacks up against our offshoot of the Carnegie Deli.

It was no contest.

Langer’s is thicker sliced, beautifully carmelized on its exterior and possessed of a distinct smoke-and-pepper bite. Nate ‘n Al’s was more corn-beefy than pastrami-like, was sliced too thin, and could’ve been the stuff you can get at any decent supermarket. It sorta tasted like what you’d expect this iconic New York deli meat to taste like in California.

Our Carnegie’s pastrami kicks its ass by a mile, but still comes in a distant second to Langer’s world-beating version.

Langer’s is so good, one bite and you’ll forget the somewhat sketchy neighborhood it resides in. Nate n’ Al on the other hand, is smack in the middle of Beverly Hills. But aside from that, and getting to see the world’s worst interviewer noshing next to us, we can think of no reason to return. (To Nate ‘n Al, not the neighborhood —  if for no other reason than we love this song.)

7 thoughts on “L.A. Pastrami Smackdown – NATE ‘N AL v. LANGER’S

  1. atdleft,

    When you get to Union Station, take the Metro Red (or) Purple Line, get off the MacArthur Park/Westlake station. Go up the escalators to street level. Hang a left. Walk about half a block. Langer’s is on the corner of 7th & Alvarado.

    If you need more personalized directions, perhaps you might need someone to take you there. Ask ELV when he’s going back to LA.

    Question: How did you include that link (in HTML code)?

  2. discovered your site through a friend of mine who’s a regular reader. Will agree that Langer’s is the greatest pastrami in the world. it’s life-changing. I used to work near Nate n’ Al’s – the pastrami/corned beef is definitely good, but nowhere near Langer’s. The location is pretty nice though, and only blocks from Beverly Hill Cheese Store, a great culinary destination.

  3. rafael and the guys up at BHC hav a great shop, i used to buy literally a ton of cheese every year from them when i was working in the big building hotels!!
    he even brings in some amazing salumi’s from italy (contra-ban style!!!!)

  4. Was in Beverly Hills a couple months ago and had to get a Langer’s fix. The neighborhood is dicey and so is the parking. Most folks don’t know that if you call ahead Langer’s will bring you’re order out to the car and even make change. We drove back to our hotel and endulged in the heaven that is known as the Langer’s #19.

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