CARNEGIE DELI – Anatomy of a Sandwich

There’s like two pounds of sliced meat on this behemoth from the Carnegie Deli. It’s supposed to be half corned beef and half pastrami, but it seemed a little light on the pastrami if you ask us.

That pastrami is, btw, our town’s best, although not in the same league as Langer’s in L.A..

They pile it all on two over-matched pieces of fresh rye bread, and send it out with some nice, spicy brown mustard. In retrospect, it also needs some melted swiss cheese and Russian dressing to smooth out, then cut through all that meatiness, but that was our ordering mistake.

They call it the “Woody Allen” in honor of Woody’s film: Broadway Danny Rose – where the deli (the original on 7th Avenue in New York), if not the sandwich, is a setting for some of the film’s most inspired comic moments.

The damn thing is so big, we’re still eating on it four days later….and we were famished the night we brought it home.

The whole kit and kaboodle cost us $25 ($18 for the sandwich + a gigantic black and white cookie + a small tip).

Just thought you’d like to know.


In the Mirage Hotel and Casino (open 24/7)

3400 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


7 thoughts on “CARNEGIE DELI – Anatomy of a Sandwich

  1. For a limited time only (this Thursday only), delivery of pastrami and rye bread from Langer’s is available to you, and only you, ELV (and The Food Gal, of course) from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Please inquire, if interested.

    “If Langer’s were in New York, there would be a shrine!”

  2. Skip the sapid pastrami and corned beef at Carnegie Deli. Apparently it loses any measure of distinctive flavor on its journey West from New York.

    A better bet is to walk just next door to Canter’s Deli in Treasure Island. If you can stand the horribly long wait, their meats are much better than Carnegie. And yes, they have the swiss cheese, Russian dressing–and sauerkraut, that ELV craves on a decent sandwich from a nice Jewish place.

  3. John-I just read a piece online about Langer’s. Katz. and Schwarz in Montreal, which sort of won the day. I can’t disagree, but I will be eating a Langer’s on Monday, before I head to XIV for dinner. But I must respecfully disagree about Canter’s vs Carnegie. Though I am no fan of Carnegie, I still rate it the top toque in Vegas pastrami.

  4. why is ELV not up in arms about the fact the sandwich was 18 bucks!!!!! its not the original and is nto worth the money. i would much rather go to olde tyme deli on sunset and get a sandwich and homemade chips for a 10 spot and save the crappy pastrami on the strip for the touristas!

  5. The delicatessen curmudgeon in me has forced me to reply ;-)

    I’ve tried to like Carnegie Deli. Really, I have. I’ve eaten there more than half a dozen times, in search of praiseworthy eats; alas, no luck. To me, their corned beef is dry and lacking flavor. Their pastrami is better by a hair (perhaps not the best word to use in this context), but tastes mostly like corned beef, with little of pastrami’s signature spiciness.

    Other places I’ve been to weren’t much better. I give Canter’s a slight nod in the pastrami department, but only a slight nod.

    And what’s this about needing “…some melted swiss cheese?” That’s treif! I’d complain even louder if it weren’t for the fact that I’m the deli black sheep of my family: I like my pastrami on white bread. With mayonnaise. (“Oy vey, son, if your father weren’t already dead, it would kill him!”)

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