The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

Fromage-a-philes unite! And get your curds whey down to Beverly Hills for a sniff and slice of what may be the best selection of European cheeses in the country.

The place is a veritable wonderland of fermented curd, and if you by chance think you havarti seen it all, well….we at ELV cantal you that you haven’t until you’ve gorgonzola’d here.


The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

419 N. Beverly Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

1.800.547.1515 or 310.278.2855

1 thought on “The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

  1. Already did on a Sunday afternoon. When were you last there?

    Blue cheese from Oregon … add with a little honey comb on top on a slice of baguette, delicious!

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