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Eating Las Vegas understand that you, dear readers, can’t scour the trades and the tabloids for genuinely meaningful articles affecting how, where and what you eat.

We also understand that you’re probably too distracted by the truly important issues of the day, to pay attention to what actually feeds your body and soul.

So as a public service, here are a few recent articles (and one that’s five years old) that we thought might interest you and others who pay attention to such things.

Here’s: How the Food Makers Captured Our Brains;

Followed by: why is American fast food so popular in Japan;

Which leads us to: How McDonald’s Conquered France;

And then to: How the Michelin Guide Crippled France’s Restaurants.

And if you need something to cheer you up after all that bad news,* check out this five year old Dana Steven’s article on the differences between the original, Japanese Iron Chef, and Iron Chef America. Anyone who has fond memories of ICJ (as our staff does), will enjoy the comparison. Can it really be ten years since the Japanese show ended production?

And just for grins and giggles (again), here is ELV’s Iron Chef Spoof done on KNPR-Nevada Public Radio many years ago, with the able assistance of Hugh Alexander Curtas (D.O.B. 10-15-84, The Official Number Two Son of ELV) and Ginger Bruner.

BTW: ELV is slated for his second stint as an ICA judge, to be taped in New York City, in late July. Air dates TBA.


FYI: We consider Perez Hilton getting punched in the face to be good news.

3 thoughts on “ELV Recommends…

  1. The Kessler article is very cool and informative, and then everything else that follows makes one sadder and sadder, until one catches a glimpse of the Japanese real doll. I totally agree that ICA lacks the charm and , well, “foreigness” of ICJ, although god bless the Food Network for the attempt (watching Simon v Cora at Simon @ The Hard Rock back in the day was an interactive eating/media treat), maybe because the same dubbing techniques used for many a Godzilla movie was always priceless!

  2. Good luck on your next stint at the judges table on Iron Chef America. Let’s hope they don’t haul out another ancient fish on you again, (sturgeon for those who didn’t follow ELV’s first appearance on the Iron Chef Supreme Court). And–let’s hope the folks in Chicago are not so upset with ELV’s culinary comments this time around.

  3. Do like my mom did at the buffets years ago.. stuff your purse with prime pickins and bring them home!

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