PRIM(E)arily Expensive, Real Expensive

We’re not saying Prime in the Bellagio is expensive, but a recent dinner for four with a few drinks and a $105 bottle of wine came to $463.

Actually, it was more like a dinner for three, ‘cuz The Food Gal® only had an appetizer and sipped off my glass the whole night, while the other gal at the table ordered only a main course (true Dover sole) and a single drink. FYI: that decadent cube of A-5 Kobe was an amuse/gift from the chef (Robert Moore), so added nothing to the tab.

Speaking of chefs, Moore has some serious chops, and is in the kitchen almost every night — which is more than we can say for the guy whose name is on the door (Jean-George Vongerichten) — who comes to Vegas about as often as ELV goes to a monster truck rally. And speaking of chops, this place has bred some serious talent over the years — both mutton-chopped Wylie Dufresne and the languidly-locked Kerry Simon used it as the jumping-off point for starting their solo careers.

No, we’re not saying Prime is expensive, but our steaks were fillets (excellent beef, small portions), and the Dover sole (the real enchilada: rich, buttery, flaky flesh, perfectly cooked), was also on the small side.

Nah, we’re not sayin’ this place is expensive…it’s real expensive.

So even if the decor (magnificent, sexy, comforting and masculine all at the same time), the service (some of the best in town), and the wine program (outstanding thanks to uber-wine-guy John Burke), are all top drawer; you need to know you’ll always pay through the nose, which is something we thought you might like to know.


In the Bellagio Hotel and Casino

3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109

700.693.7223 or 866.259.7111

2 thoughts on “PRIM(E)arily Expensive, Real Expensive

  1. My last visit to prime was also really expensive, but I also ordered a Kobe strip. The portion was small, but probably the best steak I’ve had. I’d like to thank the MGM 3 Card Poker Tables for paying for this dinner. Overall, everything was worth it as I sat outside, watched the fountains with a couple glasses of wine and a good steak. I’ll explore other places on my next trip, but it was a nice time.

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